Trendle Analytics is the leading and most affordable all-in-one application for Amazon sellers looking to grow and simplify their Amazon business.

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We pride ourselves in having the best value for money solution both for new sellers just starting out, as well as offering high-end solutions for bigger players.

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All marketplaces

Automatic customer
service emails

FBA Refunds

Advertising Performance

Seller & Product

Profitability Analytics

Inventory Analytics

Keyword ranking

All Marketplaces

  • All of our features are available for the following marketplaces:
    USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy
  • India and Japan coming soon
  • No extra cost!
  • Full site available in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian (coming soon)

Automatic Emails

  • Schedule emails to send to your customers after they've purchased from you
  • Receive up to 3x more positive reviews
  • Halve the number of negative reviews you receiving by dealing with your customers issues pro-actively
  • Build stronger relationships with your customers effortlessly
  • Features include: Prepared templates in all languages; Create your own templates; Personalisation; Send after order / shipment / delivery / refund; Open rate statistics; A/B testing

FBA Refunds

  • Are you an FBA seller? Then Amazon owes you money!
  • Amazon often fails to compensate you when they damage or lose an item in their warehouse or when a customer is refunded by does not return the product
  • We analyse 7 reports and up to 20 scenarios daily! You choose if our trained team files and manages each claim on your behalf
  • Here’s an example from one of our customers: They sell around 1000 products a month for an average of £10. We discovered they were owed at least £5000 over last 18 months!

Advertising Performance

  • Automated analysis of your Sponsored Products advertising campaigns
  • Recommendations on actions to improve your ACoS based on your preferences and historic data
  • Make campaign changes easily: change bids, add negative keywords, pause campaigns, add keywords etc

Seller Reviews

  • All 1-3 star seller reviews left by your customers
  • All reviews from all marketplaces included in one easy to use table
  • Direct link to your seller central to address negative reviews
  • Place internal comments on the status of each review for easy tracking

Product Reviews

  • Track the number of reviews and the average score on all your products
  • Be notified as soon as our system notices a negative review
  • Overlay Product Review scores with Sales and Rank data to understand potential impact of a positive or negative review

Coming Soon 2017

Profitability Analytics

  • Know the true profitability of each product
  • Effortlessly identify the key cost drivers
  • Check Amazon fees are what you expect them to be
  • Crack down on refunds
  • Compare product line performance across markets

Inventory Analytics

  • Be alerted on slow moving stock as well as on future stock outs
  • Avoid FBA Long Term Storage fees
  • Visually understand where your investment is tied up
  • Manage stock distribution across all Amazon warehouses

Keyword Ranking

  • Track where your products rank for specific keywords over time
  • Overlay your Advertising Analytics and A/B tests results to assess more clearly what influences your ranking