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One of the most important factors that will determine your long-term Amazon success is simply being seen. Product visibility on Amazon is increasingly difficult, as millions of sellers battle for position on increasingly limited screen space. However, Automated PPC campaigns are never perfect. Building out your strategy, tweaking performance on the go and making sure that you know which levers are at your disposal is critical. A thorough analysis will typically always reveal something helpful to improve campaign performance.

Here are some different Automated PPC scenarios and the suggested strategic approaches to improve your campaigns:

Scenario 1: Deceptive Performance

At first view, the performance of the 3 placements is similar however, when you factor in the conversion rate, you will see that the Top of the Search converts better.

Scenario 2: Rest of Search Dilemma

In this campaign, the Product Page converts worse than the rest of the search, so you cannot maximize both.

Scenario 3: Bad Conversion

This campaign shows that the conversion rates are too low and for three placements, the CPC are similarly high.

Scenario 4: Bad Campaign Structure

If you look at this campaign, you can see that all the ACOS are way above your Target ACOS. And if you see an ACOS over 100%, that’s catastrophic because it means you’re giving more money in advertising than what you are getting back in terms of sales.

Scenario 5: Profitable Campaign, Drive More Traffic

When you look at this campaign, you can see that all three placements are performing well, having high conversion rates and good ACOS.


Managing your PPC campaign is time consuming which is why you should automate the process using automated PPC software like Trendle. Another thing to remember is taking the time to analyze your PPC strategy, even if your account is performing well, is a necessity. Doing a quick PPC check can catch small issues before they become big. It is also important to remember that Amazon is continually releasing new features. You need to regularly review your campaigns, those updates and apply necessary levers to make sure your campaigns are performing to its best potential.

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