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Split Testing – Statistical Significance

Split Testing – Statistical Significance What is Statistical Significance? In short, it means this: Based on the data collected during the test, we can confidently state that “A” or “B” is the best choice. Here are some more details about Statistical Significance from around the...
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Creating a New Split Test – Step-by-Step guide

Creating a New Split Test – Step-by-Step guide Here’s how to create a Split Test in Trendle: Step 1: Go to Split Test page and click “Create New Test” Step 2: You then select which element you want to run a test on. You can...
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Split Test – Analysing the results

Split Test – Analysing the results As soon as you’ve created your test you’ll start to see some data appear in the various charts. You will see historic data (minimum 30 days) and current data. This will allow you to spot any significant changes in...
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Split Testing – Introduction

Split Testing – Introduction What is Split Testing and why is it important for my Amazon business? Split Testing is a great tool to use if you want to further increase your sales and improve your ranking on Amazon. Split Testing (or A/B Testing) is...
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