Get your products trending with our Amazon and PPC Expertise

Our mission: Provide you and your team with the knowledge and tools to grow your Amazon business

Amazon PPC is the most effective tool at your disposal to drive qualified traffic to your listing in order to increase your sales and ranking. However it’s easy to become overwhelmed by PPC leading to poorly performing campaigns and loss of profit. 

With our 10+ years experience selling and advertising on Amazon marketplaces worldwide, we’ll review your account and help you grow revenues and profits.

We’ll work with you to scale your Amazon PPC campaigns

Step 1: PPC Review & High level account review

The first thing we'll do is understand your business, review your Seller Central account and review your PPC campaigns. This will give us the context we need to understand your brand, your company, the history and your objectives.

Step 2: Agree strategy and goals

Together we'll define strategies, opportunities, risks and goals.

Step 3: We take the lead

For a few days/weeks we'll take the lead in reshaping your PPC. We'll update you regularly to show you what was done, why and what was the impact and what the next steps are.

Step 4: Ongoing maintenance & coaching

We'll continuously monitor and manage your PPC and coach you so you and your team can increase your knowledge of Amazon PPC.

Frequent questions about Trendle PPC Management & Coaching

How much does it cost?

Our coaching is based on an hourly rate. In exceptional cases we may consider a revenue share model.

After having analyse your account, we’ll make a proposal on how many hours per month we would need and the total cost to you. We review this every quarter.

We work on month to month terms. This means that when you’re ready to handle your PPC account by yourself again, we’re won’t be holding you back!