Ads Automation – Stop Rule Setting

Stop Rule Setting (Ads Automation) #

When creating or editing a rule, you have the option to set ‘Stop Rules’ which will stop the rule from running on a specific keyword/ad group/search term if some conditions are met.

The first condition you can set is for this rule to stop executing if it has already run x number of times.

The second condition you can set is to stop running this rule if another rule is executed. This is essential if you want to avoid rules bouncing back and forth. For example:

Rule 1. KW: If 0 clicks after 5 days, increase bid by 0.1, max bid 1.53

Rule 2. KW: If 0 orders after 5 clicks, decrease bid by 0.1, min bid 0.73

Rule 3. KW: If 0 orders after 10 clicks, decrease to min bid 0.73 and stop automation rules 1 & 2 applying to that keyword

To set this second condition, open the Rule 1 and in the dropdown select “Rule 3”. Then do the same in Rule 2.

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