Automated Bidding using Trendle Automation

It’s very easy to optimise your bids in Trendle.

Simply create the following rules:

KW: If ACoS > Target ACoS + 2% Buffer, after 5 clicks, then Auto Adjust

KW: If ACoS < Target ACoS + 0% Buffer, after 5 clicks, then Auto Adjust

Auto Adjust uses the following formula: new bid =[manual target acos]/[current acos]*[current bid]

The buffer is used to be less strict on the actual ACoS result. For example, if your target is 35% ACoS, but you are currently at 36% then you might still be ok with that ACoS as it’s only marginally above your target.

By default we recommend to wait 5 clicks to avoid making changes too often. Ideally you would wait enough clicks as per your normal conversion rate. For example, if your conversion rate is 20%, then after 5 clicks you would expect a sale. To know your conversion rate per product, use the Profitability Product feature.

To set your initial bid you can either choose a value around the $0.70-2.00 and then let the automation adjust over time. You can also log in to Seller Central and go to add a new keyword to your campaign to see what Amazon suggests as a bid. This would give you a decent starting point.

Here’s how to do it:

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