Automatic Emails


With the Automatic Emails feature, you can programme a set of emails to be sent to your customers following a purchase.

This is a great way to increase the number of reviews you receive.

It is also a great channel to build a relationship with your customers and to resolve any issues they may be having with your product before they leave a negative review.

Note: When a customer responds to an email sent from our system, this email will continue to be routed to your default Seller Central email account. These emails will NOT reach the Trendle application.

Creating a new Automatic Email campaign

  1. Go to Automatic Emails
  2. Choose Add Automatic Campaign
  3. If you’ve previously saved a template you can choose it now, or you can select Blank Template
  4. You can then choose to personalise the following fields:
    1. Edit the Campaign Name
    2. Countries to which the campaign should apply. You can choose as many countries as you want.
    3. Edit the Message name (this is just an internal name for your reference)
    4. You can create several messages in case you want to create a sequence. For example, send an email when item is sent and then another email once the item is delivered
    5. Choose whether this message should be active or inactive. If active it will run (campaign also needs to be active)
    6. Set when the message should be sent:
      1. asap will send the message as soon as the system detects a change which matches the next rule
      2. Once order has been Shipped or Delivered
    7. Email Subject and Body
    8. You can use Auto Fill Tags to personalise your messages. For example insert the Product Title.
    9. You can add an attachment
    10. Send a test to yourself or a colleague to make sure the email displays as it should. You can choose an existing Order ID from your orders to preview how a real customer will receive this email (This email will NOT be sent to your customer!)
    11. Save Changes to make sure your edits are saved. You can also save this message as a Template for a future campaign.


You can send an unlimited number of emails per month! Go wild! But don’t break Amazon’s TOS!!

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