Automation error log

In some cases, the automation will have some errors due to the restrictions applied by Amazon. Some of the errors you will be able to resolve, others you won’t.

Here’s a summary of errors that you could see:

  • Negative keywords that are too long –> You will have the option to shorten the Keywords. Amazon limits the number of characters allowed for a Negative Keyword.
  • Multiple options available
  • Search Term already exists
  • Campaign not enabled
  • There are multiple acos
  • Ad Group not enabled
  • Keyword not enabled
  • Targeting not enabled
  • Profile does not exist
  • Cannot adjust Bid. Actual ACoS is 0

Here’s how you can review the errors and make changes:

If you have any questions to errors you are seeing, please contact us in the chat and we’ll be happy to help you.

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