It seems providers out there only care for USD!

We’re an international team and we serve international sellers who in general prefer paying in their local currency. As hard working business owners ourselves, it pains us to unnecessarily lose our hard earned cash in bank and foreign exchange fees.

That’s why you can pay in  USDEUR, GBP and AUD! We’ll be adding more currencies soon.

Our base tariff table is priced in USD. You can then choose to pay in a different currency.

On the day your subscription is due for renewal we will convert the subscription USD amount into your chosen currency using the previous day’s mid-market average exchange rate. You can check this rate on sites such as Yahoo Finance and The conversion amount we use will be displayed to you on your bill.

For example, if you’re subscription for $50 renewed on 10th November 2016, and you choose to pay in GBP, then you would be charged $50×0.7852624935 = £39.26

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