Emails: Tracking Click Rates

Since the launch of Trendle we have been tracking the click rates statistics for each of your email campaigns. This powerful insight helps in understanding how many of your customers interact with the emails you are sending them.

How do we track this?

When your customer clicks on any link they are very shortly redirected to our servers so that we can record the click. Within 1 second or less the customer is redirected again to the Amazon page. Most customers would not even notice this. This is also the industry standard practice in tracking link click rates in emails.

However, this method means that customers are briefly redirected to outside the Amazon world. Amazon does not like that. This is why in recent weeks, Amazon has started to issue a warning to users who click on track links. This warning looks like this:

Even if you don’t understand German, the message is relatively clear. The customer is told that he is being sent to a page which is not Amazon and is asked if he/she wants to continue or not.

Why should I care?

A customer that sees this warning might get scared and it could impact your brand as well as the likelihood of that customer leaving you a review (if this is what your intention was for example).

As of 1st August 2018, you have the option to enable or disable link tracking for your campaigns. The downside will be you will no longer be able to see the statistics for clicked links in your emails. The upside will be you guarantee that no customer will run the risk of being redirected to this warning page.

By default, click rate tracking for all new and existing campaigns is now set to “Off”. You can manually go into your campaigns and switch this back on if you wish.

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