Introduction to Trendle’s advanced automation rule creator (Step 5)

This article is step 5 of our step-by-step guide to Amazon PPC Advertising

With our Ads Automation Rules you can custom build your own campaign management system. If you don’t want to spend time customising your own rules, you can simply follow the sample rules that you will find in the next article.

In this article we’ll show you how to use the Trendle application to create and edit rules.

The most customisable Amazon Advertising Automation solution! #

Important: We only recommend you to use Automation if you are confident of the rules you want to put in place. Keep reading through all the step-by-step guide to help you understand when and how to use Automation.

Concepts #

  • Rule Groups:

At the rule group level you will define:

  • Rule Group Name: This is a name only used within Trendle
  • Countries, Campaigns, Ad Groups: Define for which specific ad groups this Rule Group will be applied to
  • Buffer Period: The time delay to apply before Rules within this Group are applied. Read more about Buffer Period in this article

Once you’ve created the Rule Group, you’ll be able to create Rules that will belong to it.

  • Rules

Automation rules are extremely customisable and follow the following structure:

  1. A rule is composed of [Condition] + [Timeframe] leading to an [Action]
  2. A condition is composed of a [KPI (Key Performance Indicator)] + [Equation] + [Value]
  3. When the rule is met, an [Action] is taken

See the below diagram that illustrates the structure and options available:

In addition, you need to define if the rule will apply at the Search Term, Keyword or Product level. This is important as not all actions are possible in all cases. For example, you cannot change the bid on a Search Term.

Here’s what it looks like to create a new rule:

Once you are happy with your rules, make sure both the rule and the rule group are “Play” and that you have chosen which campaigns and/or ad groups should automated by your Rule Group

Rules are run once a day based on the latest data downloaded from Amazon

  • Automation error log:

In some cases, the automation will have some errors due to the restrictions applied by Amazon. Some of the errors you will be able to resolve, others you won’t.

Read this article for more information on this topic.

Here’s how you can review the errors and make changes:

For some ideas on what rules to implement, see the next step! Step 6 “Automated Campaigns“!

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