Keyword Ranking

What is it? #

With our Keyword Ranking feature you can track daily the position of your products for a set number of keywords.

The lower the rank and page rank, the more sales you can expect to receive organically as shoppers can find your product above your competition.

We update the rank once a day.

Why should I use it? #

This will help you understand where your product is ranked when customers search for it. This will help you to understand why your sales may be going up or down.

You can combine this data with your PPC Sponsored Products advertising campaigns. If your product is ranked on page 1 for a specific keyword, then you probably don’t need to spend money on advertising that keyword. However, if you’re ranked in pages 2+ then you should look at increasing your advertising bid on that keyword. If you have a good Conversion Rate on that advertise keyword, then Amazon will also boost your organic ranking on that keyword. You will see this boost within this tool

How do I use it? #

We recommend you take a look at the video above that explains how to use this feature.

You simply add an ASIN, Country and keywords and the application will start tracking daily. Please note that the application cannot go back historically.

You can track any ASIN (yours or a competitor’s)

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