Know your profitability! (Step 4)

This article is step 4 of our step-by-step guide to Amazon PPC Advertising

Know your SKUs true profitability

Before you perform any marketing activities, you need to know what your true profitability is per product. Once you have established this you can set your campaign spending targets down to the keyword level to carefully manage each keyword bid (and therefore ACoS (Average Cost of Sales)).

If you don’t know your true profitability then you will not be able to determine if your campaigns are performing well or not.

Within Trendle you can add your product purchasing cost here:

Product Costs in Trendle helps you calculate your ACoS automatically

We automatically input the current selling price of your product and the estimated Amazon Fees for that SKU at that price point. The result is your true estimated profit margin for that product.

You can then define how much profit you would like to make from PPC sales.

All of this information will result in giving you the target ACoS you should be aiming for in order to achieve your goals.

You can read more about the various advertising strategies later on in the guide.

For more information on Product Costs functionality, read this article.

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