PPC Strategies (Step 7)

This article is step 7 of our step-by-step guide to Amazon PPC Advertising

There are several different PPC Strategies that you can use, with each depending on the goal of your advertising campaign.

KEYWORD Strategies   
NameGoalStrategyAlso works for
Product LaunchGenerate first sales and increase organic ranking on specific keywordsHigh budgets, high bids –> high ACoS, short time period (3-4 weeks), generally loss makingFinding relevant keywords fast
ModerateGet additional sales to complete organic sales. Not loss making.Use ACoS and Target ACoS values to remain profitable 
TargetedBoost your ranking on certain keywordsTemporarily increase bids (higher ACoS threshold) on certain keywordsCan be combined with Moderate
DefensiveDefend your high ranking keyword from aggressive competitors looking to steal your top spotPeriodically increase then decrease bids on specific keywords to avoid giving market share to competitors even though you are ranking near the top organically 
PRODUCT Strategies  
AttackingDrive sales from competitorsAdvertise your product on a competitor’s listing
DefensiveDefend against competitors targeting your listingAdvertise your own products on your own listings

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