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With our simple and awesome Chrome Extension app you can now request reviews for all your eligible orders in just one click!

The extension is completely FREE and available to all Amazon sellers worldwide.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Install the extension to your chrome browser: LINK
    Not using chrome? We’re currently working on the Firefox and Safari extensions too!
  2. The extension will ask for your permission to access certain seller central pages
  3. You’ll need to register the extension by providing your email address. If you’re a Trendle user, enter your Trendle email and password to unlock even more features!
  4. Log in to seller central, go to Orders and there you’ll see new orange buttons to request reviews
    You can either request reviews individually, or in bulk for one country or multiple countries. This will save you lots of time and will increase your number of reviews drastically.
    You can also leave “Auto-Mode” enabled in the extension. When Auto-Mode is enabled, the extension will automatically send out review requests to all eligible orders in the background. Just make sure you are logged into to Seller Central and the extension will do the rest!

Features for Trendle user:

  1. Business Reports: Login with your Trendle account to enable Business Reports synchronisation. This will give you up to date Conversion Rate data that are essential for Split Testing and Ads Automation. Knowing how many people view your products and how many of those purchase is the most important metric to know. If you have a good Conversion Rate, amazon will improve your organic ranking. If your conversion rate is bad, amazon will put you lower down. Knowing the number of Sessions per product can help you understand why you’re not getting enough sales. For example, if you only have a few views per week on your product, that means you don’t have enough traffic to your page. In this case, launching PPC campaigns and other marketing activities will help. You can also look at where your products rank using our Keyword Ranking tool. Knowing your Keyword Rank and Sessions will shed a lot of light as to why you are not getting as many sales as you would like.
  2. (more coming soon 🙂 )


  • The extension will remember which orders were sent a review request and which were not, so you don’t have to worry about sending 2 requests per order
  • You still need to be logged in to seller central and have the Trendle extension activated in order to see the additional buttons
  • We recommend all your team members to install the extension; that way you are sure all review requests will be sent (for example if you are offline one day, or on holiday etc)

Let us know your feedback and feature requests for this extension by commenting on this page or sending us an email to or chatting to us!

FAQs #

  1. Is this TOS (Amazon Terms of Service) compliant?

Yes. All the extension is doing is saving you any extra unnecessary clicks

2. How far back can I send review requests for?

Amazon only allows review requests to be sent for Orders delivered in the last 4-30 days. It is not possible to send a review requests for orders delivered more than 30days ago.

3. How often should I use the extension to send review requests?

We recommend you do this daily, or at lest every few days because shoppers are usually excited when they first receive their product. Therefore they are more likely to leave you a review in the first few days rather than later.

4. Can I exclude customers who’ve already left a review?

No, this is strictly against Amazon TOS.

5. Can I exclude customers who’ve left a negative review?

No, this is strictly against Amazon TOS.

6. Is there a risk you’ll send multiple requests for the same order?

No, we’ve made the extension super smart, so it knows who it can contact and who not.

7. Do I still need to run post-purchase email campaigns?

Yes, absolutely! Post Purchase emails are a critical part in delivering a great customer experience to ensure your customers know exactly how to use or take care or install your product.

8. Why do I need to provide an email address to activate the extension?

We require a valid email address to avoid abuse of the extension by bots and other automatic software that download and exploit extensions in an automated way. Your email address will never be shared with any 3rd party. Your email address will never be used to target you with advertising. Your email address may only be used for us to communicate important updates to the extension (for example to inform you of new features), and you can opt out of receiving this product related communications at any time.

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