Respecting Amazon’s Emailing Terms of Service (TOS)

If you are sending emails to your customers, there are a few rules you need to ensure you are following. If you break them and Amazon catch you, then you risk losing your selling privileges (ie. you will no longer be allowed to sell on Amazon).

We recommend you also read the Amazon Help pages regarding Buyer-Seller Messaging in detail.
Trendle Analytics is respecting the Amazon TOS from a technical perspective. We cannot be responsible for the content of the emails that are sent.

Rule #1:
Do NOT suggest to your customer to leave you a positive review. Your wording must remain neutral

Rule #2:
Do NOT include :

  • Links to any websites
  • Links to Amazon detail pages or storefronts
  • Seller logos if they contain or display a link to the seller’s website
  • Any marketing messages or promotions, even if those are only available on Amazon
  • Any promotions for additional products or referrals to third-party products or promotions

Rule #3:

Only send up to 4 emails per order to your customers. Any more will automatically be blocked by Amazon, but could still lead Amazon to issue you a warning

Rule #4:
Do NOT send messages more than 5 times your average daily order volume, plus an additional 600 messages.

Rule #5:
Do NOT send an email to a customer more than 6 months after the order was placed. These emails will not go through.

In addition, customers can only leave feedback for a purchase within 90 days. So if you’re sending emails to get feedback, there’s no need to target customers who bought your product more than 90 days ago.

Rule #6:
Using “(IMPORTANT)” or “(Important)”  in your email subject line will guarantee your emails to be delivered to all buyers, including those who have opted out of communications. BUT, make sure to only use this for truly important information such as:

  • Product customisation questions
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Issues with a delivery address

The following messages are not critical to complete an order:

  • Requests for seller feedback or customer reviews.
  • Order, dispatch, delivery, or refund confirmations. Amazon already sends these emails.
  • Proactive customer service. For example: product manuals, tips for using the product, answers to frequently asked questions, suggestions if something goes wrong.
  • Out-of-stock or delay notifications and offers of alternative products. Please cancel the order instead.

(Source: Amazon Help pages)

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