Automated PPC – Weekly management

Here are some short tips on how to manage your Trendle automated campaigns.

Once you’ve launched a TCS:

  1. Review the SPM Harvesting campaign and Broad and Phrase ad groups. These contain Amazon Suggested Keywords. Please check these are relevant to your product. If you believe any of the keywords are not relevant, then pause them immediately.

Once you’ve launched and reviewed your TCS or automation rules, there are only a few weekly or fornightly steps to take to keep it in check.

  1. Max Bids rule limit: By default, the rules set a max bid of 2. Even if you’ve edited this value, check how many of your targets are at the max bid. If you notice a few you can either manually increase the bid of the targets, or you can increase the Max Bid of the rule to a higher value, for example 2.50.
  2. Placement performance: Check your placement performance results and adjust if required. See our webinars on this topic.
  3. Ad Group Default Bid: Double check the Ad Groups default bid is realistic. In TCS, Trendle determines this using the Conversion Rate and the Profit Margin you enter in Step 3 of the TCS creation. In case you launched the TCS in a hurry, make sure you double check the Ad Group default bid.
  4. Rule that take action after x clicks: You would have set a number for ‘x’ based on your conversion rate. However, conversion rates change, and PPC Conversion Rates are not necessarily the same as organic Conversion Rates. Therefore, adjust any rules that wait for x clicks before taking an action. You want to adjust to a) avoid too many clicks with no sales, or b) lowering a bid / making a keyword negative too soon

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