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Weighted ACoS #

When taking decisions on changing bids based on key metrics such as ACoS, it is important not to jump to conclusions.

For example, if in the x days or x clicks your ACoS has been above your target, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to decrease your bid. What is more important is to understand how this latest ACoS performance compares to previous periods. In other words, what is the average ACoS over a longer period?

By looking at a longer period of time, you can use more data to determine real trends and take better decisions.

Within Trendle, you can customise the default values we have pre-set to blend the average ACoS performance.

Here’s how to use this feature (video coming soon):

  • Once you’ve selected ACOS, you’ll be able to click on “View Weighted ACoS Settings”.
  • This will display the current settings. By default we’ve set 4 periods. Each period is denominated as P1, P2, P3 etc
  • A ‘Period’ refers to the Timeframe you have set for this rule. In our example we have “5 clicks”. Therefore, P1 will be the latest 5 clicks. P2 will be the 5 clicks before that. P3 will be the 5 clicks before that, and so on so forth.
  • You must have at least 1 Period, and you can have up to 5 periods.
  • You can set a “Weight” for each period. This enables you to say how important each period is. Generally, you’d want to place more importance to the latest periods, and less importance to older periods.
  • For the last Period, you have the option to choose an even greater time frame to enhance the blended results: Lifetime, Last 365/90/30 days, Timeframe
    • Lifetime: This will take the entire ACoS historic
    • Last 365/90/30 days will will take the ACoS performance over that entire period
    • Timeframe will take the performance over the latest x clicks/days as set under “Timeframe”. This is recommend to only use this if you want to have just 1 Period
  • The total of the weights must equal 100

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