FBA Reimbursements

Amazon owes you money! We get it back for you!

Amazon owes FBA sellers hundreds every month for lost & damaged inventory that they fail to reimburse.

Trendle has your back, checking every single inventory movement and irregularities. As soon as there is a potential claim, our team of highly trained agents will open cases with Seller Support to get your cash back.

Over 20 use cases

There are over 20 uses cases where Amazon could be owing you money. Trendle tracks each one every day for you.

Lost & Damaged Inventory

This represents the majority of cases. Amazon often moves FBA sellers stock around its fulfilment centres and to other FCs. At times units get lost or damaged during handling or transit. Trendle will monitor this and contact Seller Support when required.

Fully managed service

Our team of trained agents will file cases with Amazon 24/7, 365 days a year for you, giving you time back to focus on growing your business.

How much am I owed?

For us to estimate how much you are owed, please create a free Trendle account and connect your Seller Central account. After a few hours Trendle will show you the estimate.

You do not need to a credit card to try out Trendle during the 14 day free trial.

How much do you charge?

We operate a “no win, no fee” policy. We’ll only charge 10% of what we successfully recover.

Our users trust Trendle to deliver

Reimbursed to Sellers