Keyword Ranking

Know where your products rank on Amazon search result pages

Trendle’s Keyword Ranking feature will provide valuable insights as to how easily your customers can find your products.

Are you on page 1 or on page 10?

Trendle will track your top keywords daily, providing you with important information to explain why your sales are increasing or decreasing.

Let’s face it: consumers don’t go past page 2.

Add your ASINs and keywords to the tracker

Enter your ASIN(s) keywords to being tracking instantly and daily thereafter.

Track as many ASINs as you want

Trendle has no limits in how many ASINs you want to track. You'll only be limited on the number of keywords you are tracking in total across all your ASINs. You can increase your keywords allowance easily. See our pricing page for more information.

Link to PPC (coming soon)

You'll soon be able to link your organic keyword ranking with your advertising. For example, you can inform Trendle's PPC Automation engine to lower bids on keywords where your ASIN is currently ranking in position 1-5 for example. The logic is simple: Why spend money on advertising if you're already at the top of page 1? Instead, save that budget to boost other keywords.

How many keywords can I track?

You can track up to 200 keywords in total. There is no limit on the number of ASINs tracked.

If you want to track more keywords, you can add a Keyword Package to your account. See our pricing page for more details.

How do I do with the results?

If you’re not seeing any sales and you rank on page 3+ on your top keywords, you now know why you’re not more successful. You could therefore increase your ppc spend on that keyword to show amazon that you are relevant on this keyword. In turn, amazon will increase your organic ranking if your conversion rate is good.

On the other hand, if you rank high on a keyword, you could lower your ppc bids on that keyword as you’re already well positioned organically.

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