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1 Note: FBA Reimbursements is an optional feature that is billed on top of the monthly subscription

2 New Sellers: Less than 1000 orders to date

  • US, CA, MX, UK, FR, DE, ES, IT
  • Number of products: unlimited
  • Number of Orders: unlimited

  • Daily update
  • Number of products: unlimited
  • Detailed review comment
  • Product average rating and number of reviews
  • Direct link to review to respond to customer

  • Update frequency: Daily
  • 1-3 star reviews
  • Email alerts

  • Claim for refunds issued to customers but product was not returned by the customer
  • Claim for refunds issued to customers but product not returned
  • Claim for a total of 19 use cases
  • "No Win, No Fee" principle: 10% fee

Split Testing
  • You can test: price, sale price, images, title, features, description and keywords
  • Number of emails per month: unlimited
  • Number of campaigns: unlimited
  • Up to 4 messages per campaign (compliant with Amazon ToS)
  • Compliant with all Amazon ToS
  • 100% customisable email layouts
  • Triggers: Shipped, Delivered, Refunded
  • Set custom day to send messages
  • Segmentation by country
  • Personalisation (Tags)
  • Add Product Image
  • Include attachments to emails
  • Statistics: Open & Click rates
  • Custom Messages For Repeat Buyers

Keyword Ranking
  • Forget ‘Sales Rank’ - Keyword Rank determines your success on Amazon
  • Track your products ranking on certain keywords over time

Profitability Analytics
  • Effortlessly identify the key cost drivers
  • Check Amazon fees are what you expect them to be
  • Compare product performance across countries
  • Update frequency: Daily
  • Unlimited number of campaigns
  • Unlimited number of SKUs
  • Unlimited number of keywords
  • Unlimited number of Search Terms
  • Campaign Manager: Create and Edit all your campaigns
  • Campaign Performance: View performance of each campaign and drill down to Ad Group, Keyword and Search Term level
  • Change bid prices
  • Move keywords to other ad groups and campaigns
  • Promote search terms to keyword level
  • Negative exact and phrase any search term and keyword
  • Upload all changes to Amazon with one click
  • Choose any time range to view your data for each individual day
  • 60 days historical data available from sign up
  • Automated recommendations
  • Create your own custom recommendations
  • Enter your product costs to enable precise margin and ACoS objectives
  • View bid prices historical changes and associated performance

Inventory Analytics
  • Restock before it’s too late
  • Visually understand where your investment is tied up
  • Avoid FBA Long Term Storage fees