Know your true profitability on amazon down to each SKU

Trendle’s Profitability Analytics will help you understand your true profit (or loss) on each SKU as well as your overall business.

Keep track of 140+ amazon fees

We've discovered an incredible 140+ different fees that amazon charges its sellers. Thankfully, we track them all for you to give you your daily profitability at company level, marketplace level and SKU level.

Cost of Goods

Your own cost of goods play an important part in calculating profitability. You can easily enter these in Trendle to get a complete picture on your profitability.
Important: Your product costs are NEVER shared with amazon (nor anyone else).

Detailed SKU analysis

For each of your SKUs you can instantly see your revenue (split between Organic and PPC), and all your costs. You can also see your daily Conversion Rate evolution as well as your organic ranking for your top keywords.

What about VAT?

Most solutions forget that VAT is a cost for nearly all businesses across Europe and Mexico. Thankfully, we know that, and we make sure to calculate VAT as a cost as well to show you your true profitability rather than a 16-23% inflated one.

How many months historic do you show from sign up?

Trendle will download the last 18 months of data when you sign up. Note that Advertising data will be limited to the last 60 days

Do you show split between PPC and Organic sales?

Yes we do! You’ll be able to see how many units and how much revenue you generated per sku per day with PPC and with organic sales.

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