Reverse ASIN

Find out the keywords your competitors are ranking on and advertising on

Trendle’s Reverse ASIN feature makes finding out which keywords to use in your PPC advertising campaigns (and listings) a quick and simple task

Enter Your Competitor ASINs

Enter your competitors ASIN(s) and country and Trendle will return between 50-1000 keywords

Sorted by relevance

Trendle will sort the keywords by relevance so you know which ones are searched for the most or advertised the most. That way you can choose to focus on only the most important keywords

Quick & Easy

You no longer need to spend hours using websites to manually find keywords, or spend time and money running "Discovery" automatic PPC campaigns.
Trendle will save you time, money and sanity. You're welcome 🙂

Plug in to PPC

Take the list of keywords returned and plug them in to your PPC campaigns. Read more about our recommended PPC campaign setup.

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