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Get more reviews for your products and your storefront

Our free Chrome Extension enables you to automatically request reviews from all your customers. See the number of ratings you receive increase exponentially as a result!

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Request Reviews

In late 2019, the "Request a Review" button was launched in Seller Central. When clicked, this will send an amazon predefined email template asking your customer for a review on your product and on your storefront.
These emails reach 100% of customers as they cannot opt out, unlike when you send them an email.

Peace of mind with Auto Mode

Thanks to Auto-Mode all eligible orders will automatically be sent the Request a Review email without you having to do anything. Simply keep the Trendle Extension activated in Chrome and log in to Seller Central. The extension will take care of the leg work so you can continue to focus on growing your business, rather than clicking buttons all day long.

Sync Business Reports

The extension will also enable you to synchronise your Business Reports to your Trendle account.
Business Reports are a vital source of information as they tell you how many shoppers visited your product page and how many purchased. This gives you the most vital of all KPIs on amazon: Conversion Rate.

Product Review Alerts

The extension will also keep you alerted on any new reviews left on your products. Once again, this will run completely automatically in the background whenever you are online, so you don't need to worry about a thing, and you can get on with your day knowing that Trendle has you covered.

Invite your team!

Invite your colleagues to install and activate the extension to ensure you never miss out on any new review alerts and in sending those vital Request a Review emails.

Is this TOS (Amazon Terms of Service) compliant?

Yes. All the extension is doing is saving you doing extra unnecessary clicks

How far back can I send reviews for?

Amazon only allows review requests to be sent for Orders delivered in the last 5-30 days. It is not possible to send a review requests for orders delivered more than 30days ago.

How often should I use the extension to send review requests?

We recommend you do this daily, or at least every few days because shoppers are usually excited when they first receive their product. Therefore they are more likely to leave you a review in the first few days rather than later.

Can I exclude customers who've already left a review?

No, this is strictly against Amazon TOS.

Can I exclude customers who've left a negative review?

No, this is strictly against Amazon TOS.

Is there a risk you'll send multiple requests for the same order?

No, we’ve made the extension super smart, so it knows who’s already been contacted and who not

Do I still need to run post-purchase email campaigns?

Yes, absolutely! Post Purchase emails are a critical part in delivering a great customer experience to ensure your customers know exactly how to use or take care or install your product.

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